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The Organic Pet Animal Sanctuary is an educational, nonprofit animal rescue/rehab; with unique social anti suicide programs focusing on troubled youth and veterans.


Planned programs that are not yet currently funded include, but not be limited to: homelessness, anti-suicide, special diet organic food bank for pets and people too, sliding scale veterinary hospital program, regenerative agriculture, animal husbandry, the arts, old ways and skills, equine assisted psychotherapy, horticultural therapy, sports therapy, culinary therapy, art, dance, music, performance therapy, and more-- All planned to be incorporated into a Regenerative Organic Farm Sanctuary Environment.

Our goals are to help people and animals who need hope the most during these challenging days.

We believe by raising public awareness about some of the most pressing issues facing today’s society through educational and hands on programs, we can make a difference .

Please join us by supporting our efforts to make a measurable difference in the lives of others.


To provide educational social service outreach programs serving Homeless American Citizens, Single Parent Families, Veterans, and Troubled Youth; utilizing rescued horses, dogs,  cats, livestock in tandem with Educational programs not limited to: Animal Husbandry, Animal Training, Equine Assisted Psychotherapy, Art, Dance, Music, Sport, and Horticultural Therapies, Live Performance, learning old ways skills and more; to help to empower hurting people in a sustainable, organic regenerative farm sanctuary! These programs are geared toward preventing suicide, promoting and teaching the skills needed to heal, and even explore entrepreneurship to become self sufficient.




is partnering with Connelly Recycling Center in Perry, OH! Do you want to help support rescue animals, help to manage and minimize the feral cat population and keep metal out of the landfill but short on cash?


Do you want to help WILDCATS in our local community and a small medical need kitty group, to get medical treatment, spay/neuter/release, food, housing, and begin assisting disabled and low income seniors and veterans who need assistance with their animal needs? Now you can! Bring clean cans or scrap of any kind and donate your scrap to our account!


#Cans4Cats is a new program of, "The Organic Pet Animal Sanctuary EDU FDN", a 501c3 charitable non profit! Find our new page on FB, Cans4Cats! After #Cans4Cats meets our monthly financial needs, we will be sharing our funds with Holy Cat Whiskers here in Madison to help them out with their great work as well!


We are in need for a gently used Chrysler Town & Country Touring with a tow hitch so we can use a small trailer with it, for our spay/neuter trips and going to events to promote our mission. It must have working air conditioning and heat. Other vehicles considered, but we like the gas mileage, maintenance and repair costs on a 3.8 engine Chrysler Town & Country Van. Donations are tax deductible! If you would like to just make a cash donation, please use our paypal link here! All proceeds are tax deductible! Thanks! MEOW!




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