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We Are A Raw Fed Rescue

The Organic Pet Animal Sanctuary is a unique place. We feed raw to our animals here to help support a healthy, balanced diet and immune system. The animals currently in our program need to eat raw and thrive on a raw diet.

We encourage everyone to do their research and to consider feeding raw as it never dehydrates your special furry family member like all kibbles will. It is especially good for senior animals as well as young animals!

If you can afford to feed your animals with organic meat, you will see an even better result in health, movement, longevity and energy levels that, for older dogs, seem like they are years younger with ability!

We recommend HARE-TODAY.COM for your resource for raw, prey model and other quality options for treats and feeding. They work with you, help you thru the process and are all around incredible people. Be sure to click thru the HARE TODAY LOGO when you place your order to help us receive reward points!

If you desire, make an account and place an order by clicking the HARE TODAY GRAPHIC and it will take you to their website via a special referral code! We will also get a credit toward food for our special animals! We don't get credit unless you place the order using this link! Thank you!

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